How to run System Viewer on a Simulator using Wind River Work Bench 3.2”

NOTE: This is an initial attempt at these instructions for the new work bench, please feel free to point out to any inconsistencies, inaccuracies, typos etc. []



1) In the Workbench software the Target Manager workspace is by default on the bottom left corner and looks something like the picture above.


2. Connect to the target unless you haven't already connected. To connect; highlight the simulator (vxsim0) OR lab target click the green button, highlighted in the above picture. Once you connect the simulator shell or target shell will pop up. [Download the module steps 8 and 9 in the How to Build a downloadable module instructions]


3. Note that in the above image shows that the task_two.c has been compiled and loaded onto the system and the two tasks are running. The Target Manager Workspace should look something like the following:


4) Highlighting the simulator under the Remote Systems window and then RIGHT click to get the following menu. Click on 'Target Tools' and then click 'System Viewer Configuration'.


4. Under the System Viewer Configuration Window, select the Upload Mode to 'Continuous Upload' and set a desirable Buffer Size.


5. Under Upload Method, select “Socket via TSFS” if that is not the default option in the settings. Leave the other options as they are.


6. Notice that the menu bar up-top has a 'System Viewer Configuration' tab. Click 'Start Logging' after sometime (of your choice) click 'Stop Logging'.


7. System Viewer appears!! Notice that your tasks task_a and task_b are in there. Play with the menu, zoom in, zoom out, double click on events, and click on Event Table. There is enough to do to keep you busy.