“How to run connect to targets in the lab using Wind River Work Bench 3.2

NOTE: This is an initial attempt at these instructions for the new work bench, please feel free to point out to any inconsistencies, inaccuracies, typos etc. [Sunku.Monish@colorado.edu]


1. In the WorkBench Application under the Remote Systems window, right click and from the menu which pop’s up click on “New Connection” which should open New Connection wizard.


2. In the wizard window, highlight the 'Wind River VxWorks 6.x Target Server Connection' and click Next.


3. Check if the kernel file has been downloaded to the following location C:\Windriver\vxWorks, if not download it from here.


4. In the 'Target Server Options Window' as shown below, type in the IP of the target you want to connect to. (RTESP01 will have the IP of, RTESP02 will have the IP ... you get the idea. ) In this example I am connecting to RTESP01 (Look at the targets there is a little white label on them that says what number target they are)

Under the 'kernel image' option, click on Browse button and browse to c:\Windriver\vxWorks.


5. Click 'Finish' and the target should appear in the ‘Remote Systems’ {its in the bottom left corner in the Workbench Application'}