Adjustable Speed AC Drives

ECEN 5737 Spring 2014


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  • (01/01) Welcome to Spring 2014 ECEN5737. In Spring 2014, ECEN5737 will be offered as a library course based on the lectures recorded in Spring 2013 by Prof. Nikola Milivojevic and Prof. Yusuf Gurkaynak.
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    The course is developed, taught and offered jointly by Dr. Nikola Milivojevic and Dr. Yusuf Gurkaynak. Graduate student Mingjuan Hu is helping as the TA, and Prof. Dragan Maksimovic is helping with course organization.

    This course addresses principles of operation, design and control of electric adjustable-speed AC drives. The course starts with an introduction to adjustable speed drive systems consisting of an electric machine with power electronics and associated sensors and controllers. Basics of 3-phase circuits, active, reactive and aparent power, and phasor diagrams are reviewed together with electromagetic theory essential to machine operation. DC machine is used to introduce machine design, construction, modeling and control principles, including torque-speed characteristics. AC machines are introduced using the concept of rotating magnetic field and comparisons to the DC machine. Details of operation, construction, design and control are then presented for induction machines, permanent magnet synchronous machines, and switched-reluctance machines (SRM). Electric and hybrid vehicle application examples are emphasized.

    This is one of the four courses required for the Graduate Certificate in Electric Drivetrain Technology, offered by UCCS and CU-Boulder through the Department-of-Energy sponsored “GATE Center of Excellence in Innovative Drivetrains in Electric Automotive Technology Education” (IDEATE).

    The course is offered both to regular on-campus students and also to off-campus students via CU-Boulder online distance education program CAETE. Students registered through CAETE can receive lectures via web-based streaming video, or other media.  GATE Fellowships are available to qualified students to help defray the registration costs. Further details of the course policies, including procedures for off-campus students, are listed on the course vitals page.