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ECEN 5797 Fall 2015

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All assignments and exams will be due as noted in the Desire2Learn (D2L) course site. It is required that all assignments and exams be scanned into pdf files, and submitted to the appropriate dropbox on D2L, by the posted due date and time. After that time, the dropbox will automatically shut down.

Extra credit: one or more extra credit homework problems may be assigned. These optional problems are due at the same time as the accompanying regular homework assignment. Points earned on extra credit problems will increase your semester homework score, up to a maximum semester homework score of 100%.




Desire to Learn (D2L) site

The course will employ the campus Desire to Learn (D2L) learning management system. All students will be given access to this site. You must have a campus IdentiKey username and password; once you have a student ID number, you can activate your IdentiKey account at this web page. All on-campus and off-campus students will be required to use the course D2L site.

The course D2L site includes:

Additional information for Be Boulder Anywhere (BBA) students

It is expected that students taking the course remotely will keep up to date in the course. Streaming video will be available for download via the web, and is usually posted later in the afternoon of the lecture. You should establish a regular schedule for watching the web-based lectures, and view them within 2-3 days of when they were recorded on campus.

The web lectures can be accessed through the BBA website: instructions and a link are on the BBA Course Access page.

Assignments must be submitted to the appropriate dropbox in D2L, by the due dates and times announced in class. The dropbox will automatically close at the announced time, and late assignments will not be accepted. Do not send the homework to BBA or email to Prof. Erickson -- it will get lost.

Regarding Educational Officers (EO): An EO is not required. The course includes midterm and final take-home exams lasting four to seven days each. Exams will be administered via the D2L site, and your completed exam must be uploaded to the appropriate D2L dropbox in the same manner as for the homework assignments.

Academic calendar for BBA students, including add/drop deadlines

Office hours for off-campus students

Professional certificate program in power electronics

This is one of three courses of a professional certificate program in power electronics. For more information, please visit this link.

Additional notices for all students

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