Modeling and Control of Power Electronics Systems

ECEN 5807 Spring 2009

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  • This course will next be offered in Spring 2015. Instructor: Prof. Robert Erickson. This website is currently under construction, and all information is subject to change.

Update 10/10/2014 RWE

Advanced modeling and control topics in power electronics, and power factor corrected supplies. Averaged switch modeling of converters, computer simulation, ac modeling of the discontinuous conduction mode, the current programmed mode, null double injection techniques in linear circuits, input filter design, harmonics in power systems, and low-harmonic rectifiers.

Prerequisite: ECEN 5797. ECEN 5807 is offered in alternate springs, including Spring 2015. Instructor: Prof. Bob Erickson. It is one of the three courses required for the Professional Certificate in Power Electronics.

The course is offered both to regular on-campus students and also to off-campus students via CAETE. Students registered through CAETE can receive lectures via videotape or DVD, web-based streaming video, or live TV. Further details of the course policies, including procedures for off-campus students, are listed on the Vitals page.