Materials on Current Mode Control

ECEN 5807 Spring 2009

Textbook and lecture slides

Selected reference papers related to more advanced CPM modeling topics

As discussed in the lectures, the "simple" and the "more-accurate" CPM models described in the Textbook are based on the averaging approach. The resulting models give practical and reliable predictions of CPM converter dynamic responses up to a fraction of the switching frequency. In particular, assuming a ramp has been added to reduce the noise sensitivity and to eliminate period-doubling instabilities in CPM controlled converters, the textb

The textbook continuous-time averaged models do not take into account sampling or aliasing effects. These effects are increasingly visible at modulation frequencies approaching one half of the switching frequency and beyond. Numerous attempts have been made to incorporate these effects into continuous-time averaged  models. This page contains some of the key contributions in this area. Reading these papers is completely optional - these materials will not be addressed in ECEN5807 homework or exam problems.