MATLAB/Simulink materials

ECEN 5807

Introduction to modeling of switched‐mode power converters using MATLAB and Simulink

ECEN5807 MATLAB/Simulink library

Over the semester, various Simulink blocks and MATLAB scripts will be collected in a library. Download and unzip From the MATLAB window, use File, Set Path, to add the 5807_library folder to the MATLAB path so that the ECEN5807 scripts and the Simulink library become generally available. Next time you open Simulink Library Browser, ECEN5807 should show up in the list of available libraries. To update the library to the latest version, simply download the updated zip file and replace the library folder with the new one.

General MATLAB/Simulink tutorials and guides

Required software: student version of MATLAB & Simulink. The required Control System Toolbox and Simulink Control Design are included in the latest student version.

If you have never used MATLAB or Simulink you may start by going through these materials