ECEN 5807 Modeling and Control of Power Electronics Systems

Introduction to Digital Control of Switched-Mode Power Converters

Updated April 09, 2007

Lecture slides

(1) Introduction

(2) Discrete-time modeling and compensator design: analog emulation approach

Reference papers

D. Maksimovic, R. Zane, R. Erickson, "Impact of Digital Control in Power Electronics," IEEE International Symposium on Power Semiconductor Devices & ICs, (invited paper), pp. 13-22, Kitakyushu, Japan, May 2004.

B. Patella, A.Prodic, A. Zirger, and D. Maksimovic, "High-frequency digital PWM controller IC for DC-DC converters," IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics, January 2003, vol. 18, issue 1, part 2, pp. 438-446

MATLAB/Simulink supplementary materials

Simulink tutorial

Buck converter open-loop Simulink model: buck_open_loop.mdl

Buck converter closed-loop Simulink model: buck_closed_loop.mdl

Closed-loop Simulink model, load transient: buck_closed_loop_load.mdl

Buck closed-loop digital control Simulink model: buck_closed_loop_discrete.mdl