Mixed-Signal IC Design
ECEN 5837 -- Spring 2017
Prof. Hanh-Phuc Le
Class: Thur 2:00 - 3:15 PM, Fri 3:00 - 4:15 PM, ECEE 265
Office hour: Wed 1:00 -2:00 PM, ECOT 340

Class Schedule
Week Lecture Date Day Topic Notes Due
Tu Introduction slides  
Th Integrated Circuit Basics: Manufacturing and Cost slides  
Th Mixed-Signal IC Design and Building Blocks slides  
Fri Inverters, Gates and Design Rules slides HW 1
Th Inverters, Gates and Design Rules (cont'd) - Layout Tutorial slides  
Fri Preliminary Project Proposal, Inverter Delay Optimization slides HW 2
Th ISSCC- No Lecture  
Fri ISSCC- No Lecture HW 3
Th Current Mirror Design slides  
Fri Amplifier Review slides  
Th Amplifier Review (cont'd)  
Fri Transistor Small Signal Models slides
Feb. 28 Tu Wire Parasitics slides HW4
Th Comparator Design slides
Th Project Proposal HW 5
Fri Clocked Comparator slides
Th Mixed-Signal Design Environment and Digital Flow I slides  
Fri Introduction to SystemVerilog (Guest Lecture by Dave Sluiter ) slides  
Th Example chip design - SIMO Converter  
Fri No class HW 6
Th Spring Break  
Fri Spring Break  
Th Data Converter I (Guest Lecture by Dr. Yossi Ehrlichman) slides
Fri Project Review I  
Th Data Converter II (Guest Lecture by Dr. Yossi Ehrlichman) slides Review I Presentation
Fri CMOS Memories (Latches, SRAM, DRAM, Peripheral circuits) slides HW 7
Th In class discussion - ESD Protection, D-FF timing  
Fri Project Review II
Th Zoom Discussion Session   Review II Presentation
Fri No class  
Th No class - Office hour available upon request    
Fri Project Posters