ECEN 6144

Electromagnetic Boundary Problems

Spring 2017

Prof. E. F. Kuester
Office: ECOT 248

Office Hours: M 1:00-2:00 and 4:00-5:00, W 3:00-5:00, or by appointment

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Accessing the Lectures

There are three ways to access the lectures for this course:


29 April 2017: The final exam has been posted below.

9 February 2017: Due to a move of the server hardware, the class web pages will be inaccessible for a period of time on Thursday February 16. I am told the outage could last as long as 8:00 AM-5:00 PM Mountain Standard Time, but is expected to be shorter than that. Please plan your access to these pages accordingly; I will not be making any changes to them after 5:00 PM MST on Wednesday February 15 until they are accessible again.

 Course Information

In this course you will be acquiring the skills necessary to formulate and solve boundary value problems arising from physical situations involving the interaction of electromagnetic waves and material structures. You will be learning (i) mathematical techniques that lead to (ii) solutions of physical problems---try to keep these two aspects of electromagnetics in perspective, since when one of them seems difficult, the other may be relatively straightforward. The development of these skills comes from the working of nontrivial problems that require the use of these techniques; consequently, a very important constituent of your grade is based on the homework problems that are assigned each week, and which you will have one to two weeks to complete, depending on the difficulty. Do not expect to obtain the solution to these problems in a half-hour---it is often beneficial to let a problem rattle around in your brain for a day or two before getting too deep into the mathematics of it.

The other part of your course grade is the final exam, which is a take-home exam to be posted here on Friday April 28, 2017 and is due at my office, my mailbox in the ECEE Department Office or as a PDF file via email by 9:00 AM Mountain time Monday May 8, 2017. It will consist of problems similar to those given as homework during the semester.

There is bound to be a certain amount of informal discussion of the homework problems among students currently enrolled in the class. As long as this discussion does not entail someone solving the problem for someone else, I have no objection to it. Do not, however, consult solutions to homework problems from previous years when the course was offered. I am always happy to provide what help and direction I can during office hours, by email or by separate appointment. I expect that work turned in to me with your name on it represents your unique write-up and understanding of the solution to a problem, rather than a copy of some collective effort. For the final exam, there is to be absolutely no consultation between students. I will be available to answer any questions on interpretation of the problems on the final exam.

The text for this course is Electromagnetic Boundary Problems by E. F. Kuester and D. C. Chang (Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, 2016). Errata for the text can be found here. The course is divided into three main parts, in which the following topics will be covered:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

I have arranged to have the following books put on reserve in the Engineering Library for this course:  

The text is intended to be all that is needed for the course, but other books may offer a different perspective on certain topics, which can for some people be more illuminating than the one given in the text. 

Please read the information on disabilities, religious observances, standards of behavior and academic integrity.

Homework Assignments and Final Exam

Note: Some problems are not found in the text, but are given as supplementary problems in the PDF file linked with the problem number.
Problems Due Date
1-3, A-13 26 January 2017
1-6, 1-7
2 February 2017
1-12, 2-1
9 February 2017
3-6, 3-7
16 February 2017
4-1, 4-3
23 February 2017
4-11, 4-17
2 March 2017
5-6, 5-8
9 March 2017
5-10, 5-13
16 March 2017
5-20, 6-2
23 March 2017
6-5, 6-6
6 April 2017
7-1, 7-5
13 April 2017
7-10, 7-12
20 April 2017
8-2, 8-4
27 April 2017
Final Exam
9:00 AM Mountain Daylight Time 8 May 2017