ECEN 5013: Software Defined Networking

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For the past few years, Software Defined Networking (SDN) has been receiving a lot of buzz. Most recently, Google announced their backbone network is now built with SDN technology. At its core, SDN is a shift away from proprietary, vertically integrated network solutions, to open, multi-layer hardware and software stacks. This shift enables innovation in the network like never before - both in the applications and in the platform itself.

While centered on networking, SDN is actually a multi-discipline effort. Among the areas researchers are contributing to SDN include programming languages for innovative ways to program the network; computer architecture for redesigning the hardware-software interface for more efficient and flexible processing; operating systems and distributed systems for scaling the network control software; and many specific application domains where network programmability can provide significant benefits (e.g., wireless, security, etc.).

In this class we will explore SDN from this multi-disciplined perspective. We will explore different application domains as well as the pieces of the platform. Students will read research papers, review research papers, and carry out a research project resulting in a write-up in the style of a workshop paper. The research project can compliment a student's existing research or serve as an opportunity to explore a new research direction.


Lecture time: Mon., Wed. 5-6:15 ECCR 118


There are no required textbooks for the course. You will be expected to read 2-3 papers a week.


Grading will be based on class participation, reading responses, and the project.


Eric Keller By appointment

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