ECEN 5013/CSCI TBD: Advanced Computer and Networked System Security

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This course provides a research survey of computer and network security from a systems research perspective. The course covers both classic papers about security, as well as recent research results. The course will be focused on systems – to measure, protect, or attack. While an understanding of basic cryptographic techniques is useful, we will not be covering the theory and math behind them. We will examine a wide variety of systems, from embedded systems, wireless/cellular systems, web services, cloud computing, etc. The course will prepare students to publish in conferences such as USENIX Security, NDSS, and others. The course will include a semester-long, open-ended security research project.


Lecture time: Wed., Fri., 4:30-5:45, ECEE 265


There are no required textbooks for the course. You will be expected to read 2-3 papers a week.


Grading will be based on class participation, (maybe) programming assignments, reading responses, and the project.


One or more systems class such as CSCI 2400 (Computer Systems), CSCI 3753 (Operating Systems), CSCI 4273 (Network Systems), or equivalent, or permission of the instructor.


We will be using Piazza for discussions. Class Site.


Eric Keller By appointment

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