ECEN 5008-0004/CSCI 7000-0010: Advanced Computer and Networked System Security


The course project will be a research project of the students choosing.

The final presentations will be done in class, the last week of school. I will post a schedule on slack.

The final report will be due December 17, 2017 at 4:30pm (This is when our final exam is scheduled for -- we will not have a final, but a time was scheduled for this class.). To submit, you will upload the pdf to HotCRP -- register a new submission, fill in the details, add the pdf, and submit. I will add a hard deadline to HotCRP -- failing to submit a final project write up will significantly affect your grade. After submission, you will have 24 hours to peer review one submitted paper -- I will make the assignments and notify you soon after the submission deadline.

The final report is expected to look and feel like a research paper, like the ones we've been reading in class. The page limit is 5 pages for single author, 7 pages for multiple authors (a typical length for a workshop paper is 5 or 6 pages), this page limit excludes references (for which you can have unlimited pages). Note, your write up should be pretty close to the page limit in length (within a half of a column) -- this requires planning and editing (notice all the papers we read conform to the length requested by the particular conference). The paper must include a clear motivation, a clear description of the contribution, a description of the system architecture and implementation, and some evaluation (a graph or two would be expected). In other words, it should look like a research paper.

The final report must use LaTeX, and must use the sig-alternate-10pt.cls. If you are unfamiliar with LaTeX, contact me on slack. I'm including some skeleton code and Makefile here. For editing, I use TeXnicCenter on Windows. The Makefile is for Linux. And I have used Overleaf with success before as well. I would recomment using github or bitbucket to host your text (if not using Overleaf).