Software Research


The Teaching, Training, and Learning, TTL System. PTEL Seminar, October 30, 1997.

Journal Publications

A. Gayler Harford, Vincent P. Heuring, Michael G. Main, "A New Parsing Method for Non-LR(1) Grammars," Software - Practice and Experience, #5, 419-437, 1992.
Robert W. Gray, Vincent P. Heuring, Steven P. Krane, Anthony M. Sloane, William M. Waite, "Eli: A Complete, Flexible Compiler Construction System." Communications of the ACM.- #2, 121-131,1 992.
V. P. Heuring, "The Robot as a Finite State Machine," Laboratory Robotics and Automation, 55-63, 1990.
V. P. Heuring, U. Kastens, G. Plummer, W. Waite. "COMAR, A Data Format for Integration of Context Free Grammar Tools," The Computer Journal, #5, 445-452, 1989.
V. P. Heuring. "The Automatic Generation of Fast Lexical Analyzers," Software - Practice & Experience . #9, 801-818, 1986.

Conference Proceedings

Invited Speaker -- "Language Development Systems in Support of Software Engineering," Proceedings of the Workshop on Software Tools for Distributed Control Systems, 121-126, July 17-19, 1990, Pacifica, CA.
Invited Speaker -- U. S. Army Research Office Strategic Planning Workshop -- "Automated Tools for Software Engineering," June 19-22, Pinehurst, NC.
W. M. Waite, V. P. Heuring, U. Kastens. "Configuration Control in Compiler Construction," in Proceedings of the 1988 International Workshop on Software Version and Configuration Control. Teubner, Stuttgart, FRG, 1988.

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