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(04/24/18) We are on a team with U of Washington, NREL and Wolfspeed) in a project sponsored by DOE Solar Energy Technology Office.

(08/23/17) We are leading a team (CU-Boulder, Toyota, Wolfspeed, NREL) in a project sponsored by ARPA-E CIRCUITS program

In collaboration with UCCS, we have started Innovative Drivetrains in Electric Automotive Technology Education (IDEATE) center sponsored by the DOE GATE program.



Power electronics is the technology that ties wind turbines and photovoltaics to the electric power grid, propels hybrid and electric vehicles, powers a countless variety of electronic systems, and makes it possible to operate battery-powered mobile devices for many hours. In the Colorado Power Electronics Center, we are exploring ways to achieve significant system-level advances in energy efficiency and renewable energy sources via smart power electronics [publications]. Current research projects and topics include:

  • Modular Wide-Bandgap String Inverters for Low-Cost Medium-Voltage Transformerless PV Systems, a project sponsored by DOE Solar Energy Technology Office in the Advanced Power Electornics Design for Solar Applications program. The project aims to develop a new PV architecture comprised of stackable modules with distributed controls. Team: U of Washington, CU-Boulder, NREL, Wolfspeed.
  • A High-voltage, High-reliability Scalable Architecture for Electric Vehicle Power Electronics, a project sponsored by ARPA-E CIRCUITS program, has objectives to develop new composite SiC power converter technology that achieves high power and voltage conversion at ultra high efficiency and power density. The technology will be demonstarted on a multifunctional power system for electric vehicles. Team: CU-Boulder, Toyota, Wolfspeed, NREL.
  • Robust Plug-and-play Battery Systems, a project sponsored by ONR, aimes to develop high-performance, long-life, battery systems with active power management for mobile and dc microgrid applications.
  • Converter Topologies and Control for Multiple-Voltage-Domain Power Distribution, a project sponsored by Lockheed Martin, is focused on high efficiency, high density
  • single-input multiple-output dc-dc topologies for communication and server systems.
  • A Disruptive Approach to Electric Vehicle Power Electronics, a project sponsored by DOE Vehicle Technologies to develop a new modular power conversion approach that utilizes both silicon and wide band gap devices to address the fundamental power conversion, loss, and component stress mechanisms. Industry partner: Wolfspeed.
  • Integrated power converters for photovoltaic (PV) modules in PV power systems, an ARPA-E Solar ADEPT project. Team: CU-Boulder, NREL, Nuvotronics. The project goals are to show how sub-module integrated DC-DC converters can substantially improve efficiency and reduce cost in all PV systems, including various types of PV modules in residential, commercial or utility-scale systems.
  • Robust cell-level modeling and control of large battery packs, an ARPA-E AMPED (Advanced Management and Protection of Energy Storage Devices) program. Team: USU, CU-Boulder, UCCS, NREL, Ford. Our objectives are to demonstrate substantial improvements in battery packs using distributed intelligent power electronics performing advanced cell-level management and control algorithms.
  • Power management for high-efficiency handset and base station RF transmitter systems, including Microscale Power Converters (MPC). We are developing high-slew rate, high-bandwidth, high-efficiency power converters targeting high-efficiency RF transmitter architectures.
  • High-efficiency power conversion and power control in data centers. Power conversion and digital control techniques are developed to significantly improve efficiency of power distribution and power management in data centers.
  • Automotive power electronics
    • High-efficiency LED drivers
    • High-efficiency drivetrain power converters
    • Chargers, grid integration of electric drive vehicles
    • Architectures of plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
  • Control and optimization of micro-grids using smart power electronics
  • Power conversion and power management for mobile electronics
  • Digital control for improved efficiency and improved transient responses in high-frequency switched-mode DC-DC power converters
    • Auto-tuning and adaptive control techniques for switched-mode power converters
    • Digital control for improved efficiency and reduced harmonic distortion in AC-DC power factor correction rectifiers over wide ranges of operating conditions
    • A/D and digital PWM techniques for mixed-signal power control and power management integrated circuits