If you need sample parts, order them NOW. For example, you can go to the Maxim web site ( and order sample parts there (specify DIP packages, if possible). At this point, you may not want to rely on manufacturers getting your orders to you on time; you may want to order from a distributor instead.

I've had some students asking me for parts for their final projects. I don't have a lot of inventory, so in most cases, students will need to obtain the parts by themselves. However, I do have a few things, like fans and some small stepper motors.

Also, note that as we get close to the end of the semester, the logic lab students will also be using the ECEE 1B24 lab more as they work on their final projects. Since we share lab space, it is pretty much first come, first served, so if you really need a lab station, you might want to arrive in lab in the mornings. The four lab stations in the back room ECEE 1B28B are exclusively for embedded system student use.

Remember the adage "A lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part." I'll be expecting you to plan your schedules so that you have a project to show the class on demo day.



Q) My team has done X amount of work on the project so far. Is this enough to satisfy the requirements for the class?

A) 'Satisfying the requirements of the class' is different than earning a particular grade, such as 'A'. If the goal is to complete the class, then yes, the work you described will meet the requirements. However, the grade depends on several things, including the amount of work and learning involved in the project, the quality of the project and report, and the difficulty of the project. Since there are multiple students working on your project, my expectations are pretty high. Also, since the final project is weighted higher than any of Labs 1-4, I will expect each student to perform at least as much work as was required to complete each of the labs individually. This is your opportunity to show me how much you've learned this semester, and how well you can apply this knowledge to your project. I can't comment on the grade your team will receive until I've reviewed the project demo and the report.



At the end of the semester, I will be collecting any items which you checked out for the semester, including the MICRO-C documentation, MON51 EPROM, serial cables, logic probes, power supplies, etc. These items need to be returned before I will release your grade for the class.