Embedded System Design Office Hours for Spring 2019

There are 2 teaching assistants for ECEN 5613 this semester, Tristan Lennertz and Kiran Hegde. The TAs have taken ECEN 5613 and are very familiar with the material. When asking questions via e-mail, students should copy the TAs and the instructor.

Instructor E-mail: Linden.McClure@Colorado.EDU

TA E-mail: Tristan.Lennertz@Colorado.EDU, Kiran.Hegde@Colorado.EDU

TA office hours are shown in the graphic below:

Note: On the days immediately prior to a lab due date, student sign-offs will have priority over general questions. You should try to get your labs signed off early, so that there are not long queues on the lab due dates.

Students can always contact the TA's to determine their availability for an appointment outside of standard office hours. TA's will hold a few extra office hours around the due dates for the lab assignments in order to accommodate student signoffs. NOTE: Office hours will be reduced after the Lab #4 submission date.

Prof. McClure will hold office hours via teleconferencing tools like Skype and Zoom (http://www.zoom.us). Contact Prof. McClure if you would like to schedule some time with him.
Students may also ask questions of the instructor, TA's, and other students using the Slack workspace for our ECEN 5613 course.
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