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Linden grew up on the family tree farm in Kingfield, Maine (pop. 1000), nestled at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains, just two hours from the ocean. He arrived in Boulder in 1990 after earning undergraduate degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering from the University of Maine at Orono, the flagship campus of the UMaine system. While at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Linden taught microprocessor laboratory classes, performed research in bioengineering and computer engineering, and worked as a computer systems administrator. He received his master's degree in electrical engineering in 1992. Linden received his Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from CU on August 10, 1996. After graduation, he traveled to Europe and visited Italy, Austria, Switzerland, France, and England before returning to the U.S. to vacation on his farm in Maine for 5 weeks.

In October 1996, he started a challenging career as an embedded systems R&D engineer with Hewlett-Packard Company. From 1996 through 1999, he developed CD-ReWritable (CD-RW) technology and products at HP's Colorado Personal Storage Solutions Division (formerly the Colorado Memory Systems Division) in Loveland, Colorado. In December 1999, he began designing next generation high performance IA-64 microprocessor systems at HP's Technical Computing Division in Fort Collins, Colorado. Also in 1999, he became an adjunct professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder, where he now teaches a graduate-level course in Embedded System Design. From 2000-2012, he worked as a principal design engineer at HP, focusing on high performance IA-32 workstation development. From 2012-2014, he worked as senior system architect at HP, focused on premium notebook and tablet development. In 2014, he accepted a position as Director of Systems Engineering in an innovation development group at Intel and moved to Oregon. Areas of interest include embedded systems, real-time computing, computer networks, computer architecture, teaching, and music.

Near my home in the western mountains of Maine

In 1991, Linden designed firmware for Iomega Corporation's 150 MB Bernoulli Box which was released during 1992. In 1992, he also designed a microcontroller-based telemetry system for a startup company in Boulder. In 1994, he designed and taught a new senior-level electrical engineering class in Embedded System Design.

From 1994 through 1996, Linden worked as a research assistant in the Colorado Space Grant College. Linden was the embedded system lead engineer and systems engineer on the NASA funded DATA-CHASER Space Shuttle Hitchhiker payload. In addition, he was involved with assisting the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) with the concept, design, and implementation of a simulated mission operations system for the proposed Pluto Express project. He was an advisor for the HOMER sounding rocket project and was the Command & Data Handling lead engineer for the EOR small satellite proposal.

Linden's favorite hobbies include playing the piano, acoustic and electric guitars, drums, synthesizers, and working in his home recording studio. Favorite bands include Boston, .38 Special, Night Ranger, Def Leppard, Styx, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Van Halen, Queen, Foreigner, Damn Yankees, The Cars, and Journey. Currently, his most challenging classical piano pieces are those by Rachmaninoff. He also enjoys playing ice hockey, traveling, skiing, mountain biking, softball, wallyball, and volleyball. Concert List

Traveling adventures included trips to The Bahamas, the Cayman Islands, Florida, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Hawaii, Japan, Italy, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, France, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Canada (British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec), Alaska, Oregon, Washington, California, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, South Dakota, Iowa, Texas, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Washington D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, New York, Nevada, New Mexico, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.


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