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We are organizing a basic lab techniques open house to be operational the second week of classes (Jan 19 - Jan 23). You will be able to drop in at any time and learn some basic alignment techniques. If you have never aligned a beam through two irises, placed a lens properly in an optical path, or spatially-filtered a laser, you will find this very useful. More importantly, you will need all of these skills for later labs. This lab time is optional.

Times and places

Lecture: Lab These are the catalog times for the lab. In reality, the lab will be available 9AM to 10PM and you should plan on spending as much time in the lab as possible.


Day                                        Time                        Room                        Lecturer
Monday January 12                  1:00-1:50 PM        EE 1B73                McLeod/All
Wednesday January 14           CANCELLED DUE TO STUDENT CONFICTS
Thursday January 15                2-4 PM                JILA 10B                Cundiff
Thursday January 22                2-4 PM                JILA 10B                Cundiff

If you have conflicts with the Thursday lectures, please contact Dr. Cundiff


You will choose one lab from the first six weeks and one lab from the second six weeks on which to write a formal report.

Missed labs

We have an unusually large number of students which will put a strain on our system as it is. If you or a family member have a serious medical emergency, a make-up session will be possible, but it is your responsibility to arrange it (again, due to the large number of students). The options, in order of preference are:

  1. Arrange with another student to switch lab groups in order to avoid your conflict. Ideally, you do this before a particular rotation starts so that you each live with the same group and go through the 3 labs in the rotation without any confusion. If you switch groups within a rotation, it is up to you to insure you still participate in all three labs. In other words, it will be up to you to locate a willing partner and to insure you have read the schedules right in order that you both participate in all the three labs. Just joining another lab group that already has three people is not an option - four people per group is simply too many.
  2. Make up the lab on a Friday. The lab space may not be available during the last Friday of a rotation because we may begin pulling equipment apart for the next rotation. In other words, you are only guaranteed to have the lab available on the first and second Fridays of a three-week rotation. Unlike the regular lab days, TAs and professors will usually not be available to help you on Fridays. At best, the coverage will be occasional. At worst, you will be completely on your own. This option is not optimal and, if it seems to be abused, it may go away.
  3. Do the prelab, turn it it, and miss the lab. This will have unavoidable consequences on your grade.