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Electromagnetic Fields and Waves Projects

To give you some room for creativity and to practice the design process, we will do group projects. Two lab sessions (Nov 23 and Nov 30) have been reserved for this purpose. The projects will count as two lab grades with the potential for extra credit if they are well done.

Project proposals are due on Nov 4. These should document the group membership and who is responsible for each piece. The proposal outline should follow the seven steps of design. E.g. "Problem we're trying to solve", "Target specifications", etc. Some sections will obviously be only plans at the proposal stage and may be very thin even in the final report, but try to make an attempt to exercise each one. An example proposal is here.

We will show off our cool projects to the other students on Wednesday, Dec 7.

Project reports are due on Friday, December 9. The project reports will be written in IEEE Letter format and be four pages long or less. Examples of this style in Word format are here and here. Examples project reports from previous years: