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Electromagnetic Fields and Waves

Lecture Texts:

Lab/Recital: Grading:

Homework :

  1. The HW is to help you learn the material. Working with friend(s) is OK, BUT:
    1. Make sure YOU understand what you are doing.
  2. Neatness counts:
    1. Any HW or test that in the grader's opinion is illegible will receive little or no credit.
    2. Any result without units, graphs without labels, units or legends etc. will receive partial credit.
  3. Late HW:
    1. To be graded, HW (and all lab materials) must be handed in on time.
    2. The TA's have the power to make an exception (or not) in advance.
  4. Depending on TA workload, we may grade just a subset of the problems in a week

Honesty:    Cheating will invariably lead to a poor grade due to lack of understanding. If you are caught cheating, you will be failed.