2000 ACC Highlights of the 2000 American Control Conference

Whether you consider it to be last one of the second millennium or the first one of the third millennium, the 2000 American Control Conference (ACC), held at the Chicago Hyatt Regency Hotel during June 28-30, continued the long-standing tradition of successful ACCs with a total attendance of 1093. The ACC is clearly the "American" control conference, with about 75% of participants from the Americas, but also has broad international participation and appeal. It is also interesting to note that nearly one third of ACC attendees are students. It seems that the lower registration fees for students and the student best paper competition are effective in attracting student participation in the ACC.

Technical Program Highlights

The conference included 943 technical papers presented in 159 sessions, as well as plenary lectures by Bob Narendra, Ed Greitzer, and Andy Teel. More than 30 of the technical sessions, including two tutorial sessions, were arranged in five applications-oriented tracks. Best Presentation Awards were given for the best presentation in each technical session, as selected by the session chairs (see above web site for a list of winners). Two special evening sessions included a presentation by Shankar Sastry regarding DARPA activities in controls, and a panel session on the future directions in control featuring John Doyle, Gary Fedder, Russ Rhinehart, and Masayoshi Tomizuka.

Six workshops were held in conjunction with the 2000 ACC. The overall workshop attendance of 107 was down somewhat from the 148 who attended workshops at the 1999 ACC in San Diego. On the other hand, with 29 exhibits, and 78 exhibitors, the 2000 ACC had one of the largest ACC exhibits in the history of the conference.

Social Events and Other Meetings

A number of social events were also held at the ACC. The 2000 ACC Awards Banquet was held as a luncheon, rather than a dinner, and was a very pleasant and concise event attended by about 700 people. Both the Welcoming and Closing Receptions were very well attended, and provided an opportunity for attendees to socialize, to meet new colleagues, to renew acquaintances, and to see old friends. The 2000 ACC also provided a venue for various other activities, such as the committee meetings associated with AACC and its member societies. In addition, the day before the 2000 ACC a special NSF-sponsored workshop introduced selected high school math teachers to the field of controls (see separate article in this Newsletter).

Concluding Remarks and Acknowledgments

As General Chair of the 2000 ACC, I have come to truly appreciate the complexity of the annual event that we call the American Control Conference, and will forever see it in a new light. It is amazing to experience all the things that we pack into, or around, this three-day event. For more details on the 2000 ACC, please look in the December 2000 issue of the IEEE Control Systems Magazine.

It is not too late to get a copy of the 2000 ACC Proceedings. To purchase a CD-ROM containing the Proceedings of the 2000 ACC, please contact the AACC Secretary Abe Haddad (see backpage of Newsletter for contact information). To purchase a printed version of the 2000 ACC Proceedings, please contact IEEE customer services (Tel: 1-800-678-IEEE; email: customer.services@ieee.org; refer to IEEE Catalog number 00CH36334).

One of the keys to a successful ACC is to assemble a strong team for the Operating Committee. They are the volunteers that make it possible for the ACC to be a first-class event with very low registration fees. I want to thank them for their dedication and their top-quality work. I also received considerable assistance and sage advice from Abe Haddad, AACC Secretary, for which I am very grateful.

                A. Galip Ulsoy
                General Chair, 2000 ACC