Electronic Publication Archive Available Electronic Publication Archive Available

An "Optimization and Control" category now exists in the arXiv Scientific Archive, which can be found at http://xxx.lanl.gov/. Another way to access the archive is to connect to http://www.theorem.net/control.html (a Web site containing many useful resources in control) and click on "Los Alamos" in the "Resources" section. Authors interested in circulating their own research can post preprints of submitted or published work in the archive by following the easy instructions found on this site.

It is possible to search the database by author, year, title, or subject for papers that have been posted to the site. Once a desired paper is located, you can view the abstract of the paper or download the entire paper in the format you prefer (postscript, pdf, and latex source among others).

The power of the search engine and the possibility of cross-referencing your paper with other groups (such as physics, computer science, and nonlinear sciences) are particularly interesting for members of the control community. Because of the large number of researchers and the increasing number of monthly submissions to many journals in the control area, the submission-to-publication time may be quite long. On the one hand, having a tool for making your preprints available online is useful if you are interested in sharing your work with the scientific community before it has been accepted for publication; this is a much faster way to "close the loop" between submission and dissemination of your work. On the other hand, the availability of a large database where you can find preprints, as well as published papers by other researchers, provides an invaluable source of information whose potential cannot be overstated.