2nd JUV RESCCE Workshop Japan, USA, Vietnam (JUV) Workshop on Research and Education in Systems, Computation, and Control Engineering (RESCCE)

The second JUV RESCCE was held in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, June 7-9, 2000. This event followed the first workshop with the same title, which was held in May 1998 in Hanoi, Vietnam. Both the first and second JUV RESCCE workshops brought together educators and researchers from Japan, the United States, and Vietnam to discuss education and research in the field of systems, computation, and control. The travel of ten US participants was funded by the US National Science Foundation.

During the first workshop (see an article in the Fall 1998 issue of the AACC Newsletter or pp. 94-97 of the Dec. 1998 issue of the IEEE Control Systems Magazine for more details of the first workshop), participants learned of the difficulties Vietnamese researchers and educators are facing, including outdated equipment, limited access to modern text books, and inadequate preparation of Vietnamese students to study abroad for higher degrees. These difficulties already being well understood by participants this time, the focus of the second workshop was on how educators and researchers from the three countries may work together to ease the difficulties.

Similar to the first workshop, the second workshop was organized as a three-day event. The technical program of the second workshop included 6 plenary papers and about 80 other papers. Tours of a few of the electrical and mechanical engineering laboratories at the Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology were given to the US and Japan participants. In addition, group discussions were conducted twice, where the emphasis of the discussions was on education. With concrete action items agreed upon, this workshop was quite successful in laying a relatively detailed plan for Japan, USA, and Vietnam participants to move forward to improve the education and research in Vietnam as well as increase the amount of interactions and collaborations between the Vietnamese and researchers and educators in the USA and Japan as well as in other countries. Further details of the second workshop, including information about the follow-on activities, are in the October 2000 issue of the IEEE Control Systems Magazine or on the web at http://gemini.Colorado.EDU/~pao/juv/ .