2001 AACC Awards 2001 AACC Awards

2001 AACC Awards recipients with AACC Awards Chair D. Auslander, AACC President N. Kheir, and AACC Vice President C. Georgakis. From left to right: C. Georgakis, D. Bertsekas, R. Yedavalli, W. Thompson, D. Tilbury, N. Kheir, A. Teel, L. Zaccarian, and D. Auslander. Photo courtesy of AACC Past President M. Tomizuka.

Several awards were presented at the Awards Banquet and a special plenary session at the 2001 ACC. Professor David Auslander, Chair of the AACC Awards Committee for 1999-2001, presented the five AACC awards. Professor Robert Judd, Chair of the Best Student Paper Award Committee, and Professor Wayne Bequette, the 2001 ACC Program Chair, presented the award for the best student paper competition.

The Richard E. Bellman Control Heritage Award was presented to A. V. Balakrishnan for pioneering contributions to stochastic and distributed systems theory, optimization, control, and aerospace flight systems research.

The Donald P. Eckman Award was awarded to Dawn M. Tilbury for research exemplifying engineering aspects of control systems and for significant contributions to logic control and networked/distributed control.

The John R. Ragazzini Education Award was presented to Dimitri P. Bertsekas for outstanding contributions to graduate education and research in systems, control, and optimization.

The Control Engineering Practice Award was awarded to Warren A. Thompson for vision in process control application, ability to create buy-in at all levels, and world-wide influence on technology acceptance.

The O. Hugo Schuck Best Paper Awards were presented to Luca Zaccarian, Andrew R. Teel, and Jacek J. Marcinkowski for their paper "Anti-windup for an Active Vibration Isolation Device: Theory and Experiments" and to R. Yedavalli for his paper "A Necessary and Sufficient Extreme Point Solution for Checking Robust Stability of Polytopes of Matrices." Both papers were presented at the 2000 American Control Conference in Chicago, IL.

The Best Student Paper Award was presented to Mark A. Lau, who recently received his Ph.D. from the University of Colorado at Boulder, for the paper "Comparison of Input Shaping and Time-Optimal Control of Flexible Structures" which was co-authored with his advisor Professor Lucy Y. Pao.