2002 AACC Award Nomination Information 2002 AACC Awards Nominations Due December 1, 2001

Nominations for the five AACC awards for 2002 are now being solicited. Each award consists of a certificate and an honorarium and will be presented at the Awards Banquet during the 2002 American Control Conference in Anchorage, Alaska.

Nomination packages should be prepared in accordance with the AACC Award Nomination Form (which can be obtained from the AACC web site at http://www.awards.a2c2.org or from the AACC Secretariat, Abraham Haddad) and include the following: biographical information, a statement identifying and evaluating the accomplishments on which the nomination is based, three to five reference letters, a current list of publications and patents, and any additional supporting material that could have bearing on the award. All materials should be collected in a single package and the original with six copies should be submitted by December 1, 2001 to Professor Abraham Haddad at the following address:

Abraham H. Haddad
Department of ECE
Northwestern University
2145 Sheridan Road
Evanston, IL 60208-3118
Tel: (847) 491-8175
FAX: (847) 491-4455

The awards are described as follows:

RICHARD E. BELLMAN CONTROL HERITAGE AWARD: For distinguished career contributions to the theory or applications of automatic control. The nominee is to have spent a significant part of his or her career in the United States. Posthumous nominations are not allowed.

DONALD P. ECKMAN AWARD: For outstanding accomplishments by a young engineer in the field of automatic control. Nominees must be younger than 35 years at the time of the award. The award is based on contributions made while the nominee was a resident of the United States.

JOHN R. RAGAZZINI EDUCATION AWARD: For outstanding contributions to automatic control education in any form. The awardee normally is a teacher, but there is no formal requirement that nominees be members of a university faculty.

CONTROL ENGINEERING PRACTICE AWARD: The award recognizes significant contributions to the advancement of control practice including the application and implementation of innovative control concepts, methodology, and technology, for the planning, design, manufacture, and operation of control systems.

O. HUGO SCHUCK BEST PAPER AWARD: For each of the best two papers presented at the previous American Control Conference. The award winning papers must have been presented by the author or a co-author at the conference. Selection criteria include quality of the written and oral presentation, technical contribution, timeliness, and practicality, with one award emphasizing contributions to theory and the other emphasizing significant or innovative applications.

The Chair of the AACC Awards Committee for 2001-2003 is Dr. Kishan Baheti (rbaheti@nsf.gov, phone: 703-292-8339), Program Director, National Science Foundation.