Upcoming IFAC/AACC Sponsored Symposia, Workshops, and Conferences Upcoming IFAC/AACC Sponsored Symposia, Workshops, and Conferences

3rd IFAC Workshop on Time Delay Systems
December 8-10, 2001
Santa Fe, New Mexico

This workshop will highlight the growing interest in the control of delay systems, with applications to communication networks, bioengineering, economics, and other systems.

2nd IFAC Conference on Mechatronic Systems
December 9-11, 2002
Berkeley, CA

Mechatronics systems synergistically integrate mechanical, electronic, and information technologies. This conference shall bring together experts from different areas to give an overview of the state-of-the-art of mechatronics and to present new research results and perspectives of the future development in this multidisciplinary field.

5th IFAC Safeprocess Symposium
June 9-11, 2003
Washington, D.C.

Safeprocess deals with monitoring, fault detection, diagnosis, fault tolerance, and safety in engineering systems, from appliances to cars to industrial processes. The methodological background ranges over signal processing, control, and artificial intelligence. After four symposia in Europe, this IFAC symposium is now coming to the US, to recognize and, hopefully, reinforce the growing interest here in this important area.