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"Time flies when you're having fun" goes an old saying, and this is exactly how I feel as I write my last AACC President's Corner. It certainly has been an honor to serve the US Control Community in this capacity and a pleasure to work with so many dedicated and pleasant volunteers. I continue to be very impressed by the number of able volunteers who fill every need whether it is to serve as AACC officers, society directors, conference general chairs, conference operating and program chairs, etc. This is the strong foundation of success on which we continue to build. AACC remains a very healthy organization in terms of finances, management, offering quality conferences, etc. More emphasis on a good balance between theory and applications continues.

The 2001 ACC held in Arlington, VA in June was another success. Thanks to the leadership and devotion of Bruce Krogh (General Chair) and Wayne Bequette (Program Chair). It is also a pleasure to report on the unique opportunity AACC had in its joint meeting with the IFAC Council held during the 2001 ACC. An historic brainstorming session, coordinated by Mike Masten (US member of the IFAC Council) has generated much discussion and ideas on how to enhance the cooperation between IFAC and National Member Organizations (NMOs) in general, and more specifically with AACC (the United States NMO). Please see Mike's Global Concerns column in this newsletter for more details on this meeting.

The near future will bring about some personnel changes. Replacements have been very carefully nominated/selected and I am pleased to summarize these as follows:

  • As I become Past President beginning 2002, Christos Georgakis will assume the Presidency and William Levine will be the new VP of AACC.
  • During 2004, both Secretary Abe Haddad and Treasurer Mal Beaverstock will be stepping down after many years of faithful and dedicated service. Pradeep Misra has been chosen to be the Secretary elect, and Russ Rhinehart Treasurer elect. Thanks to Past President Tomizuka and his nominating committee for their counsel.
  • Kishan Baheti has been named the AACC Awards Committee Chair starting this Fall replacing David Auslander. Thanks to David for his contributions.
  • Last but not least, the able AACC Newsletter Editor Lucy Pao will be replaced by Randy Freeman starting 2002. We are grateful to Lucy for her service.
  • As you know the 2002 IFAC Congress will be held in Barcelona, Spain. VP Georgakis is coordinating efforts to make partial travel funds available to a number of US participants. More information on how and when to apply, conditions required of interested applicants, amounts to be reimbursed, etc. will be announced once funding is secured.

    The Awards Committee, under the leadership of Kishan Baheti, is gearing up for the extensive efforts leading to the selection of successful individuals for the five 2002 AACC Awards. Please see a separate article in this newsletter for further details on the five awards and the nominations process. Nominations to these awards in 2002 as well as volunteers to serve as members of the Awards subcommittees are solicited. If interested, please contact Dr. Baheti.

    In closing, the phrases from the song "Time to Say Goodbye" by the British singer Sarah Brightman seem fitting at this time: Wishing each of you success, health, and best of life (happiness).

    I look forward to seeing you at the next ACC in Anchorage, Alaska (May 8-10, 2002). The 2003 ACC is planned for Denver, Colorado (June 4-6).

    For comments or questions, please email me at .