1996 AACC Awards 1996 AACC Awards

1996 AACC award winners flanked by AACC President William Perkins and Awards Chair Jose Cruz. From left to right are Perkins, Jeff Shamma, Miroslav Krstic, David Auslander, Elmer Gilbert, and Cruz.

The four AACC awards were presented at a special AACC Awards Ceremony and Wine Tasting Reception during the 1996 IFAC World Congress in San Francisco.

The Richard E. Bellman Control Heritage Award was given to Elmer G. Gilbert for a distinguished career in automatic control, with pioneering research contributions to a broad range of subjects including linear multivariable systems theory, computation of optimal controls, nonlinear systems theory, and motion planning in the presence of obstacles. Dr. Gilbert is an Emeritus Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Michigan.

The Donald P. Eckman Award was presented to Jeff S. Shamma, an Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at the University of Texas, Austin, for contributions in gain-scheduled control design, robust control for linear parameter varying and nonlinear systems, and nonlinear design for linear systems.

The AACC Education Award was given to David M. Auslander, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of California at Berkeley, for pioneering work in integration of real-time control systems into control engineering curricula and for original and significant contributions in simulation languages for control education.

The O. Hugo Schuck Best Paper Award for the best paper at the 1995 ACC was presented to Miroslav Krstic, an Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland, for his paper "Asymptotic Properties of Adaptive Nonlinear Stabilizers".

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