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One of the innovations of the 1997 ACC was a "Tutorial Session". The experiment was a success, and the 1998 ACC Operating Committee is encouraging organizers to develop Tutorial Sessions for the next ACC. A Tutorial Session is an Invited Session whose purposes are to integrate industrial practice and theoretical results, to increase industrial attendance in the ACC, and to educate attendees on an important technology. The two-hour Tutorial Session will start with an hour-long presentation on a well-developed, relatively new, yet ready for industrial practice technology; and, four 15-minute presentations revealing industrial applications will follow. Prospective organizers should submit a proposal for the Tutorial Session to the Vice Chair for Invited Sessions so that it can be evaluated through an independent review process. In the proposal, the organizer should submit a summary of the tutorial session that argues for the relevance of the topic, the benefit of including it at the ACC, and the qualifications of the tutorial presenter. The submission deadline for Tutorial Sessions at the 1998 ACC has been extended to October 15, 1997. For further information, visit the 1998 ACC home page at or contact

Vice Chair, Invited Sessions
Linda G. Bushnell
US Army Research Office
P.O. Box 12211
4300 S. Miami Blvd.
Res. Triangle Park, NC 27709-2211
(919) 549-4319/FAX -4354

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