1997 ACC The 1997 ACC in the Land of Enchantment

The 1997 American Control Conference (ACC) was held June 4-6, 1997 at the Albuquerque Convention Center and the Hyatt Regency and Doubletree Hotels. This ACC was well attended with a total attendance of 1066, including 281 students, and 43 countries represented. There were 916 accepted technical papers, a total of 153 sessions in three days, and a 3994 page, six volume proceedings. Further, there were 28 exhibit booths sponsored by 23 exhibitors, including major publishers and developers of control software and hardware products.

This conference was the first ACC to:

The Conference week started with five tutorial workshops on "Theory and Application of Linear Parameter Varying Control Techniques", "Automotive Powertrain Dynamics and Control", "Neural Networks for Intelligent Control", "Control Systems Design: A Unified Approach", and "Automated Multivariable System Identification".

Then, the three days of the Conference featured an hour long plenary lecture, followed by 17 parallel morning, midday, and afternoon technical sessions of two hours (six papers) each. All papers, regular or short, were allotted twenty minutes each. The ACC tradition of selecting the best presentation at each session continued, with the winner in each session receiving a '97 ACC Mug.

There were three very informative and interesting plenary lectures. Professor Graham C. Goodwin of the University of Newcastle, Australia, presented "Defining the Performance Envelope in Industrial Control". The 1995 Donald P. Eckman Award recipient, Professor Andrew Packard of the University of California at Berkeley gave a plenary lecture entitled "Theory and Design Experiences with Linear Parameter Varying (LPV) Control". Finally, Professor Rolf Isermann from the Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany, gave a lecture on "Mechatronic Systems - A Challenge for Control Engineering".

There was a total of 1251 submitted papers, with 957 as contributed papers and 294 in invited (organized) sessions. In the final program, 658 contributed and 258 invited papers appeared, yielding acceptance rates of 68% and 84% for contributed and invited papers, respectively.

The accepted papers were grouped into sessions covering the broad spectrum of almost all established and emerging aspects of control systems. For the first time this year, a sequence of sessions focused on civil engineering applications, thanks to the recent joining of the American Society of Civil Engineers to the AACC. The emerging field of mechatronics also enjoyed the focus of several technical sessions as well as a plenary presentation.

Two additional workshops were offered on the Saturday following the Conference on "Nonlinear Control: Comparisons and Case Studies" and "Supervision, Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Technical Systems". This experiment of Saturday workshops was well received with 75 attendees in the Saturday workshops. The total workshop attendance was impressive at the level of 205.

        Proceedings and CD-ROM Available

Copies of the printed Proceedings are available from the IEEE Service Center, 445 Hoes Lane, P.O.B. 1331, Piscataway NJ 08854-1331 USA. They may be ordered by calling the toll free number 800-678-4333 or 903-981-0060. The CD-ROMs for the 1997 ACC are also available for the first time through the AACC secretariat, Professor Abraham Haddad, at the address on the last page of this newsletter.

            Social Events

The welcoming reception, awards luncheon, Los Amigos Round-up evening, and closing reception were the major social events of the 1997 ACC and were all well attended. A reception for newcomers, students, and industrial participants was also held and had an exceptionally excellent turnout.

More details about the 1997 ACC will appear in an article in the December issue of the IEEE Control Systems Magazine.

                Naim A. Kheir
                General Chair, 1997 ACC

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