1998 AACC Awards 1998 AACC Awards

1998 Awards recipients with AACC Awards Chair M. Simaan and AACC President M. Tomizuka ACC98 General Chair J. Chow. Standing from left: I. Kanellakopoulos, C. Georgakis, M. Tomizuka, L. A. Zadeh, C. R. Cutler, M. S. El-Aasser, M. Glaum, M. Simaan, J. Chow. Sitting from left: V. Liotta and P. Dorato.

During the Awards Banquet at the 1998 ACC, Professor Marwan Simaan, Chair of the AACC Awards Committee for 1997-99, presented the five AACC awards, and Professor Bonnie Heck, the 1998 ACC Program Chair, presented the award for the Student Best Paper Competition.

The Richard E. Bellman Control Heritage Award was awarded to Lotfi A. Zadeh for fundamental contributions to systems theory and pioneering works on fuzzy sets and systems leading to a global trend on machine intelligence quotient systems.

The Donald P. Eckman Award was presented to Ioannis Kanellakopoulos for outstanding theoretical contributions to adaptive nonlinear control accompanied by creative engineering applications.

The John R. Ragazzini Education Award was awarded to Peter Dorato for contributions to control systems education and innovative ideas for teaching analytical control methods.

The Control Engineering Practice Award was presented for the first time to Charles R. Cutler for outstanding contributions to process control practice through the creation, development, and implementation of dynamic matrix control.

The O. Hugo Schuck Best Paper Award was awarded to Vincenzo Liotta, Christos Georgakis, and Mohamed S. El-Aasser for their paper "Real Time Estimation and Control of Particle Size in Semi-Batch Emulsion Polymerization" and to Michael Glaum and George Zames for their paper "A Function Calculus for Identification and System Analysis," both presented at the 1997 American Control Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Best Student Paper Award was awarded to Nikolaos V. Fourligkas of Tufts University.

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