Electronic Submission of ACC Papers Electronic Submission of ACC Papers

Due to rapid development of web technology and efficiency afforded by electronic communication, the AACC is committed to utilize the web for electronic manuscript submission. On behalf of the AACC, the Conference Editorial Board (CEB) of the IEEE Control Systems Society (CSS) has developed a web based on-line electronic submission procedure, which has been launched for the 1999 American Control Conference (ACC).

The electronic submission procedure consists of two steps: (1) manuscript data registration, and (2) manuscript delivery. The first step is accomplished on the web by filling out an Electronic Manuscript Submission Form (EMSF). Upon submitting the EMSF, a Paper ID (PID) will be issued which should be printed on the title page of the manuscripts. Having been assigned a PID, the paper may then be delivered either by mail or electronically. Electronic delivery is not yet accepted by all AACC member societies at this time (see EMSF for availability).

In order to use the electronic submission system, the author must have a Personal Identification Number (PIN). We have emailed PINs to 8,424 past ACC and CDC authors and attendees. There is also a form on the above web page for authors without a PIN to obtain one, and a form for authors to update their contact data before using the EMSF. Please visit the electronic submission web site for more information.

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