JUV RESCCE Workshop The Japan, USA, Vietnam (JUV) Workshop on Research and Education in Systems, Computation, and Control Engineering (RESCCE)

The JUV RESCCE workshop was held in Hanoi, Vietnam, May 13-15, 1998. A block travel grant awarded to the University of California at Berkeley by the National Science Foundation (NSF) supported 12 speakers from the USA to attend the workshop, and NSF directors Dev Garg and Kishan Baheti joined this team. Other participants included 15 from Japan, more than 250 from Vietnam, and several from other countries.

Approximately two decades have passed since Vietnam was united in 1975, and the country is at a stage to develop into an industrial base. Thus, the objective of the JUV RESCCE workshop was to bring together educators and researchers from Japan, the United States, and Vietnam to discuss the integration of research and education in the field of systems, computation, and control. The workshop was intended to serve as a springboard for initiating a long lasting cooperation of the three countries as well as neighboring Asian countries on this important subject. The workshop was organized as a three-day event that included the presentation of 14 plenary papers, 23 keynote papers, and 23 other technical papers. Two group discussions were also held on International Cooperation and Control Engineering Education and Research.

While the government of Vietnam is strongly supportive of efforts to improve educational quality, educators from Japan and the US as well as other developed countries may provide valuable inputs to them by sharing their experiences. This workshop has initiated such a process, and future workshops are being planned to continue the progress of exchange. Those interested in the next workshop or in exploring collaborations with Vietnamese researchers are encouraged to contact Professors Ngo Dinh Thinh (ngothinh@csus.edu), Pham Thuong Cat (ptcat@ioit.ncst.ac.vn), Vu Ngoc Phat (vnphat@ioit.ncst.ac.vn), and Le Dinh Anh (Fax: 84-4-868-0452). Further information and details regarding this year's workshop in Hanoi, Vietnam can be found in the December 1998 issue of the IEEE Control Systems Magazine.

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