1999 AACC Awards 1999 AACC Awards

1999 AACC Award recipients with AACC Awards Chair M. Simaan and AACC President M. Tomizuka. Standing from left: M. Tomizuka, S. Boyd, H. Hindi, B. Hassibi, S. Tatiraju, M. Soroush, and M. Simaan; Sitting from left: D. Hrovat, K. Ogata, Y-C. Ho, and A. Teel.

During the Awards Banquet at the 1999 ACC, Professor Marwan Simaan, Chair of the AACC Awards Committee for 1997-99, presented the five AACC awards, and Professor Pradeep Misra, the 1999 ACC Program Chair, presented the award for the Student Best Paper Competition.

The Richard E. Bellman Control Heritage Award was presented to Yu-Chi Ho for sustained and significant contributions to research and education in optimization and control of dynamic systems, and his establishment of a new branch of these fields, Discrete Event Dynamic Systems. Dr. Ho is currently the T. Jefferson Coolidge Professor of Applied Mathematics and Gordon McKay Professor of Systems Engineering at Harvard University.

The Donald P. Eckman Award was awarded to Andrew R. Teel, an associate professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of California at Santa Barbara, for his seminal work on control of systems with actuator limitations common in engineering practice, and his fundamental contributions to input-output theory for nonlinear dynamical systems.

The John R. Ragazzini Education Award was presented to Katsuhiko Ogata, a professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Minnesota, for distinction over a period of thirty years in writing widely recognized system dynamics and controls textbooks, most notably, "Modern Control Engineering."

The Control Engineering Practice Award was awarded to Davorin D. Hrovat for outstanding contributions to the innovative practice of control engineering in the design of automotive control systems, encompassing transmission, engine, active suspension, and traction controls employed in thousands of automobiles worldwide. Dr. Hrovat is a Senior Staff Technical Specialist at the Ford Research Laboratory in Dearborn, Michigan.

The O. Hugo Schuck Best Paper Awards for the best papers at the 1998 American Control Conference in Philadelphia, PA were presented to Srinivas Tatiraju, Masoud Soroush, and Raj Mutharasan, for their paper "Multi-Rate Nonlinear State and Parameter Estimation in a Bioreactor" and to Haitham A. Hindi, Babak Hassibi, and Stephen P. Boyd, for their paper "Multiobjective H2/H-Infinity Optimal Control via Finite Dimensional Q-Parametrization and Linear Matrix Inequalities."

The Best Student Paper Award was awarded to Miguel S. Lobo of Stanford University for the paper "Policies for Simultaneous Estimation and Optimization" which was co-authored with his advisor Professor Stephen P. Boyd.

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