1999 ACC ACC '99: A Big Success in San Diego

The 1999 ACC was held in San Diego, CA, Wednesday through Friday, June 2 - 4 at the Hyatt Regency San Diego on the San Diego Bay, California, USA. Popular social events included well-attended opening and closing receptions, a Newcomer's reception, and the AACC Awards Banquet, held the evening of the second day. The technical program followed in the tradition of fine, interdisciplinary programs of the previous ACCs, reflecting the rapid growth and strong interest in the field of control systems engineering, providing a good balance between control theory and a broad spectrum of practical applications. The 1999 ACC placed a special emphasis on Industry and Applications (special thanks go to Russ Rhinehart, vice-chair for industry and applications), with several special tracks created. Among these were seven tutorial sessions, each starting off with an hour-long survey of the field and followed by four brief, state-of-the-art presentations on industry applications, primarily intended to serve the interests of our industrial participants.

The technical program was put together by Program Chair Pradeep Misra and his team (Program Committee, Suresh Joshi, vice-chair for invited sessions, and Eduardo Misawa, vice-chair for contributed papers). The program was a tremendous success, thanks to the exceptional efforts of the program committee, the society review chairs, and the operating committee. The overall quality of submitted papers was extremely high, and a total of 999 regular and short papers were submitted through the participating societies. An additional 243 papers were submitted through 41 invited sessions and 34 through invited industrial track sessions. The accepted papers were arranged in 18 parallel sessions in morning, early afternoon, and late afternoon time slots over three days, leading to a total of 162 sessions. The seven invited tutorial sessions were extremely well attended, each drawing over a hundred attendees; the feedback from attendees indicated that the format adopted for these sessions was a desirable one.

In addition to the technical sessions, the 1999 ACC also featured three plenary lectures. Attended by over 600 conference attendees each morning, the three lectures demonstrated synergism of theory and practice of modern control. Further, the ACC also offered six tutorial workshops on current research areas. These workshops drew 148 participants.

While not entirely visible, a unique feature of the Technical Program of the 1999 ACC was electronic submission and review of submitted manuscripts. Several of the participating societies volunteered to have their manuscripts submitted in portable document format so that they could be electronically transmitted to editors and reviewers. This was an initiative undertaken by the IEEE Control Systems Society's Conference Editorial Board, headed by J. Jim Zhu. Having all the information submitted electronically substantially reduced duplication of effort in logging and processing the large volume of submissions, and helped with the organization of the final technical program.


Special thanks are due to the many individuals in the team assembled to help organize this conference. Pradeep Misra, the Program Chair, deserves special praise, as his contributions went well beyond those normally afforded by a Program Chair; in a real sense, Pradeep was like my "co-General Chair." Linda Bushnell did an absolutely outstanding job with publications, and Gary Yen was invaluable for local arrangements. Many, many other people contributed in numerous ways, but I would like to give special thanks to the other members of the Operating Committee: Oscar Gonzalez (a genius at registration stuff), Dave Schoenwald (organizer of all the finances), Mike Masten (an old pro at workshops organization), Laszlo Hideg (relentless in his commitment to organizing the exhibitors), and Mark Nagurka (for his help on publicity). We could not have pulled this off without a team effort.

                Stephen Yurkovich
                General Chair, 1999 ACC

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