ACC '02 2002 American Control Conference
Plan Your Vacation Around This One!

The 2002 American Control Conference will be in Anchorage, Alaska during May 8-10. Anchorage is a city of 250,000, on the Cook Inlet, backed by the snow-capped Chugach Mountain Range, facing Mt. McKinley, tempered by the Pacific Ocean currents, and surrounded by wildlife, glaciers, and scenery. At 20,320 feet McKinley is the tallest peak in North America. In May, the average high is 54F, average temperature is 47F, average rainfall is 0.6 inches and there are nearly 20 hours of functional daylight. Culturally, the region is full of native "Eskimo", Russian, explorer, boomtown, and outdoorsman history, art, and gifts. Anchorage is the start of the 1000-mile Iditerod Trail sled dog race. For vacationers the combination of extended daylight, mountains, wilderness, ski resorts, visible wildlife, unique history, and the 39 feet tidal range of the inlet all combine for wonderful memories. Mark your calendars - 2002 ACC - May 8-10, 2002.

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