ACC Survey Summary of the 2000 ACC Survey Responses

At the 2000 ACC, short questionnaires were distributed to all participants, asking for their feedback on technical, social, and other general aspects of the ACC. Overall, 82 participants completed the survey, with 49 (non-students) from Universities, 17 from Industry, 14 Students, and 2 from Government. Of the respondents, 63 indicated that they are from North America, 11 from Europe, and 5 from Japan and Australia. Nineteen of the responders indicated that they were attending the ACC for the first time.

Several positive comments were received both on the technical program and on the local arrangements:

The critical comments about the program mentioned that:

The AACC appreciates all the comments received, and we are working to take as many of these into account as possible for future ACCs. For instance, participants should be pleased that LCD projectors will be available, if desired, for all oral presentations at the 2001 ACC. At this upcoming 2001 ACC, a longer questionnaire will be distributed to participants. Please do take the time to give us your feedback, as we would like to continue to improve the ACC.