Highlights of IFAC '96 13th IFAC World Congress
San Francisco, California
Marriott Hotel
June 30 - July 5, 1996

Pre-Congress Tutorial Workshops
June 29-30

Introductory Tutorial Workshops (June 29) :

Advanced Tutorial Workshops (June 30):

  • Design and Analysis of Robust Control Systems
  • Control Issues in Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems
  • Supervision, Fault Detection and Diagnosis of Technical Systems
  • Techniques for Time-Critical Software Design
  • Control of Semiconductor Manufacturing Processes
  • Automated Multivariable System Identification: Basic Principles and Control Applications

Technical Program
July 1-5

The technical program of the Congress will feature:

Five Plenary Lectures:

  • Tuning and Adaptation, by Karl J. Astrom
  • Towards a Breakthrough in Plant Management and Control, by Ichiro Ido
  • The Automated Highway Systems Program: A Progress Report, by William B. Stevens
  • Fuzzy Control: Issues, Contentions, and Perspectives, by Lotfi A. Zadeh
  • From Youla-Kucera to Identification, Adaptive and Nonlinear Control, by Brian D. O. Anderson
Regular and Poster Paper Sessions:

The size of the various Technical areas and Congress Symposia differ significantly. Thus, for scheduling purposes, the sessions have been arranged into 17 tracks of roughly equal size. Each track contains a set of sessions from the same or related Technical Areas. Most tracks have a number of associated poster sessions. The subjects of the 17 tracks and volumes (see Congress Publications below) are:

A. Robotics, Components and Instruments
B. Manufacturing, Social Effects, Infrastructure
C. Control Design I
D. Control Design II, Optimization
E. Nonlinear Systems I
F. Nonlinear Systems II
G. Education, Robust Control I
H. Robust Control II, Stochastic Systems
I. Identification I
J. Identification II, Discrete Event Systems
K. Adaptive Control
L. Systems Engineering and Management
M. Chemical Process Control, Mineral, Metal, Mining
N. Fault Detection, Pulp and Paper, Biotechnology
O. Power Plants and Systems, Computer Control
P. Aerospace, Transportation Systems
Q. Automotive, Marine, Autonomous Vehicles

Panel Discussions:

A number of Panel Discussions have been scheduled throughout the technical program. Some of these deal with technical issues, while others address broader and, in some cases, non-technical subjects.

AACC Awards Ceremony

The AACC Awards Ceremony will be held on Thursday, July 4, 1996, where the annual awards sponsored by the American Automatic Control Council will be presented.

Congress Prizes

Three IFAC Congress prizes will be presented at the closing ceremony of the Congress. A Young Author Prize will be awarded for the best paper by an author (or authors) younger than 35 years at the time of the Congress. An Applications Paper Prize will be awarded to the authors of the best paper describing an innovative application of advanced control techniques to an industrial problem. A Poster Paper Prize will be awarded to the best poster paper based on both the quality of the paper and the poster presentation.


Details on registration can be found on the IFAC Congress homepage at the location given at the end of this article. The registration fee includes: attendance of the technical sessions, the congress publications (see below), attendance of the Opening Ceremony and Reception, and refreshments between congress sessions. The full registration fee also includes attendance of the congress dinner. Tutorial Workshops and Technical and Social Tours incur additional fees.

Congress Publications

The congress publications consist of a CD-ROM, 17 Subject Volumes, and a Plenary and Index Volume. The CD-ROM contains the entire technical material of the Congress, and one copy will be provided to every registrant. The 17 Subject Volumes are arranged by technical subject and contain all the congress papers, whether presented orally or in poster form. Each registrant is entitled to two subject volumes of his/her choice, and may purchase up to three additional volumes. The Plenary and Index Volume contains the five plenary papers and a complete Table of Contents, Author Index and Subject Index for the set of Subject Volumes, and one copy is provided to each registrant.

Hotel Accommodation

Attendees should make reservations at the congress hotel, the San Francisco Marriott, by calling their reservation number (800) 228-9290. Congress participants will receive special rates during the period of June 27 to July 6. Special rates are only guaranteed for reservations made by May 30, 1996; later reservations may have higher rates and will be taken on a space-available basis.

Technical Visits

Technical tours to Stanford University, NASA Ames & Measurex, and the University of California are planned during the first 3 days of the Congress.

Social Program

In addition to the Opening Ceremony and Welcoming Reception on June 30 the Congress Dinner on July 4, and the Closing Ceremony on July 5, many social tours are planned to various sites in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Further information, including the preliminary program and Congress and hotel registration forms, can be obtained from the WWW location http://www.ece.nwu.edu/~ahaddad/ifac96/, or from:

            P.O. Box 111
            Mableton, GA 30059

            phone: (847) 491-3641
            fax: (847) 491-4455
            e-mail: ifac96@eecs.nwu.edu

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