President's Corner President's Corner

I am pleased to have this opportunity to communicate with you through this column, my first President's Corner. Let me begin by thanking Dagfinn Gangsaas for his leadership of AACC during the past two years. Two major achievements during this period were the planning of the IFAC Congress and the implementing of several procedures to increase industrial interest and involvement in the ACC. Thanks, Dagfinn!

While on the subject of AACC officers, I report with enthusiasm that the AACC Council has elected M. Tomizuka as Vice President, M. Beaverstock as Treasurer and A. Haddad as Secretary. Congratulations to all!

It's 1996! The major event for the AACC this year is the IFAC World Congress, of course. The International Program Committee, chaired by Joe Cruz, has completed the selection of an outstanding technical program. The program can be accessed from the AACC homepage at I invite you to browse the program, and to plan to attend the Congress in San Francisco on June 30-July 5.

The myriad details of planning a major international conference -- publications, finance, local arrangements -- are the responsibility of the National Organizing Committee (NOC), chaired by Hal Sorenson. The NOC is meeting its responsibilities with intelligence and good humor. You can look forward to excellent conference arrangements.

Since there is no ACC this year, the 1996 AACC awards will be presented at a special awards ceremony during the IFAC Congress. The AACC Awards Ceremony is on July 4 at 4:00 pm, followed by a reception.

There is life after IFAC. Planning is underway for ACCs through 2002(!). The 1997 ACC will be held June 4-6 in Albuquerque, NM, with N. Kheir as General Chair. For your information, the 1998 ACC is in Philadelphia on June 24-26, and the 1999 ACC in San Diego on June 2-4. Mark your calendars.

Finally, AACC has a new member, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Their application for membership was approved by the AACC Council at its December 15, 1995 meeting. Control is of growing interest in civil engineering in such areas as active control of structural vibrations and intelligent vehicle highway systems (IVHS). Welcome, ASCE!

See you in San Francisco.

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