1997 ACC Opinion Survey Summary of Opinion Survey - 1997 ACC

We conduct a survey at every ACC to gather your feedback. At the 1997 ACC, 158 responses were collected and highlights of the results are given below.

In addition to answering a series of questions, many respondents provided further comments ranging from compliment to complaint. The most frequently cited issue was on no-show papers, and we will have to implement procedures to minimize the number of no shows. There were also several comments indicating that sessions should be more than a series of presentations by authors and that there should be discussions as well as an introduction and wrap-up of the session by the session chair.

If you have been attending the ACCs but have not had a chance to complete the survey form, please send your comments on the ACCs to the current ACC Steering Committee Chairman, Naim Kheir (kheir@oakland.edu). Thanks to all who responded to the 1997 ACC survey.

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