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The AACC Board of Directors met on December 17, 1998 at the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control in Tampa, Florida. Most of the items in this column were discussed at this meeting.

Naim Kheir presented the survey results from the 1998 ACC, for which a record high 301 responses were collected (see a separate article by Naim Kheir for more details on the survey results). Survey results were similar to those from the 1997 ACC based on 158 responses (see an article in the Spring 1998 issue of the AACC Newsletter for the 1997 survey results). Among other things, the 1998 survey reinforced the importance of site and location for the ACC.

In spite of the fact that 1999 is an IFAC World Congress year, the 1999 ACC in San Diego is going to be another large and exciting conference. Steve Yurkovich, General Chair of the 1999 ACC, reported that the program was complete with 18 tracks, 7 tutorial sessions, and 963 papers. The 14th IFAC Congress in Beijing in July will also be a big congress with 49 poster sessions, 17 parallel tracks, and 1,556 papers, 174 of which are from the USA. We are working to obtain an National Science Foundation travel grant to partially support the travel of qualified authors from the USA.

Locations and timings of future ACCs are: Chicago, June 28-30 (2000), Washington, D. C., June 18-20 (2001), Anchorage, May 8-10 (2002), Midwest (2003), and Boston (2004). The 2000 ACC and 2001 ACC are good opportunities to look back at the developments in the field of control in the 20th century and to project the developments in the new century. Please bring your ideas to the attention of the General Chair and Program Chair of the respective conference (Galip Ulsoy and Suhada Jayasuriya for the 2000 ACC and Bruce Krogh and Wayne Bequette for the 2001 ACC). Further details of future ACCs are on the AACC homepage.

John Zaborsky has been working on the history of the AACC for some time and has made considerable progress. It contains many interesting accounts including the founding of the IFAC and AACC in the mid 1950s, the introduction of various AACC awards, and the transformation of the Joint Automatic Control Conference (JACC) into the American Control Conference (ACC) which took place in the mid 1970s to the early 1980s. We are expecting that the project will be completed by the end of this century and that the history will be published by either the 2000 ACC or the 2001 ACC.

This is the second and last year of my term as your President. I am interested in hearing your comments and suggestions regarding matters related to the AACC and ACC. Please send them by e-mail to

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