DSP/Communications Course Advising

The Digital Signal Processing and Communications group offers a variety of courses that will prepare you for both a career in communications and signal processing as well as doctoral research.
Based on classes offered Fall 2010, incoming students should take the following courses Take minimum of 3 classes from this table:

If you are interested in ... then take ...
a communications emphasis ECEN 5612 Noise/Random Processes
ECEN 5622 Info Theory and Coding
ECEN 5632 Theory/Appl Digital Filtering
a DSP emphasis ECEN 5448 Adv Linear Systems
ECEN 5612 Noise/Random Processes
ECEN 5632 Theory/Appl Digital Filtering
pursuing a PhD additional classes such as
MATH 6130 Modern Algebra
MATH 6310 Introduction to Real Analysis 1
MATH 6534 Topics in Probability
a networking emphasis additional classes such as
APPM 5560 Markov Processes, Queues and Monte Carlo Simulations
ECEN 5022 Search Engines/High Dimensional Data Sets
CSCI 5273 Network Systems
TLEN 5330 Data Communications I
implementation additional classes such as
ECEN 5002 Graduate Communications Lab
ECEN 5613 Embedded Systems Design
ECEN 5623 Real-time Embedded Systems
ECEN 5633 Hybrid Embedded Systems
control theory additional classes such as
ECEN 5458 Sampl Data/Dig Contr
smart grids see the Digital Energy Program

Course descriptions can be found either at the ECE website or the CU catalog.

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Last modified on July 26, 2010.