ECEN3100 - Digital Logic

Lab 11: Final Project

5 lab periods

This lab is to give you a chance to show off what you've learned through this semester. Over the next two weeks, you will design, build and demonstrate an interesting complex sequential project.

Pictoral representation of on-board resources available in this project

Required functionality:

Choosing a project

Many different projects have been built in the past. Here are some notable designs:

Feel free to be ambitious, but like the mid-semester project be realistic with yourself. Anyone can build anything given a sufficient quantity of time, but remember that you probably also have commitments to your other classes. Choose your project wisely.

Ideally you'll know what it is you want to build before the start of the first lab period. The due date for your proposal is the start of the second lab, giving you the break to discuss it with your partner.

And also, be original and have fun!

Project demonstrations

Last semester, students demonstrated their designs in lab and gave powerpoint presentations in class. Because of the complexity of each project, there will be a separate lab period specifically for demonstrations. By this point your design should be as complete as possible and ready to present.

At the professor's discretion, students may also be invited to give ~10 minute powerpoint presentations on their project during the class lecture. There will likely be a limited number of groups that can present, so signup will be on a first-come-first-serve basis.

You will be presenting your project to your TA during the final lab period -- make sure it works fully by then! Here is the sign-off sheet for this lab.