ECEN 3070 – Edges of Science

Spring 2018


Analysis Paper

On the topic of your research project.  Most of this paper will be incorporated into your final project paper. This format and level of discussion should be similar to the introduction and background sections of the published journal articles that we read for class. Suggested length is 5+ typed (double spaced) pages.

Should include the following

o   Brief introduction, and summary of the relevant experiments and results in the literature (roughly 2 pages plus copies of figures, if needed)

o   Analysis of experiments, possibly including advocacy and skeptical arguments, and conclusion (roughly 3 pages)

   Using tools developed in the course

   Evaluation of most credible interpretation

o   References (full scientific referencing of all cited sources)

Even though this will eventually be incorporated into the Background and Discussion sections of your final project, it should stand on its own as a paper.

Due Mar 20


Final Project Paper Format

Written in the style of a research paper for journal publication.  Length depends upon topic, will generally be 10-20 typed (double spaced) pages. If the paper is of sufficient quality and interest, it may be submitted for publication (such as this one, which can serve as a model for your paper).

A.    Abstract (this is not an introduction, but rather a brief summary of the paper, including the experimental procedure and results)

B.     Background and motivation.  This should include a short but thorough summary of the relevant literature, including parts of your revised Analysis Paper, above.

C.     Experimental methods

D.    Experimental results (use tables when it makes the data clearer)

E.     Analysis of results, including statistical analysis

F.     Discussion. This is where you discuss how your results compare to those of others, why you think you got your results, what is significant, what your results show or do not show, what should have been done differently, and much of your Analysis Paper.

G.    Conclusions

H.    References( full scientific referencing of all cited sources)

I.     Appendices (tabulation of data, consent forms, questionnaires, etc.)

Paper due on May 8


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