ECEN 3070 – Edges of Science

Spring 2013


Sheldrake on Wikipedia




This is just for information - as some of you know, parts of wikipedia have been captured by groups of organized skeptics, the best known of which are Guerrilla Skeptics on Wikipedia, who are now operating in 17 languages. They seem to be funded by CSI/CSICOP and the JREF.


There is a training video online by their leader, Susan Gerbic, which reveals something of the methods they use, including coordinating teams through secret Facebook pages.


According to wikipedia policies, operating in teams is not allowed but they get away with it because it's hard to prove and several militant skeptics are now embedded as wikipedia administrators.


Since the summer they have been attacking my biography on wikipedia, and made it increasingly biased and hostile. They have bullied and intimated editors who have tried to restore a more neutral point of view. Those who have dared to oppose them persistently have mainly been banned and silenced. But now more editors are joining in, including several administrators, and the page is currently under an editing embargo. The battle is hotting up, and is described on a series of blogs here, the most recent being yesterday:


They have got parapsychology defined as pseudoscience in Wikipedia editing guidelines, and therefore anything linked to it can be pilloried. They have rebranded me as a parapsychologist - I always refer to myself as a biologist - and have turned my wiki page into a free-fire zone.


They have also deleted the pages on Telephone telepathy and Morphic resonance, and are working their way through all parapsychology-related subjects.


Some researchers regard wikipedia as a lost cause, but I am a glad that a few people are fighting the skeptics, and not letting them get away with it. I only wish my own biography was not the main battleground at present.


Anyway it's important to know about this, because wikipedia has a huge influence on public opinion, since for students and many others it is their primary source of information.  That's precisely why the skeptics are so keen to seize and retain control.

Rupert  19 Oct 2013


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