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ECEN 5017 Fall 2014

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Additional information for off-campus (Engineering Anywhere) students

Given that the lectures are posted on-line promptly, the students taking the course remotely are expected to follow the same due dates as the on-campus students. You should establish a regular schedule for watching the recorded lectures and for turning in the work. No late assignments will be accepted except in cases of medical emergencies, delays in delivery of lectures, or exceptional work or family-related circumstances.

To submit your work, off-campus students must use the Desire2Learn (D2L) system. For scanning, use 1-bit black-and-white, at 150-300 dpi, with all pages in a single pdf file. Work submitted as multiple images will not be graded and will receive no credit.

Regarding Educational Officers (EO): the course includes midterm and final take-home exams lasting four to seven days each, administered through the D2L system. EO is not required.

Academic calendar for CAETE students, including add/drop deadlines

Graduate Certificate in Electric Drivetrain Technology

This is one of four IDEATE courses of a Graduate Certificate in Electric Drivetrain Technology offered by CU-Boulder, and UCCS.

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